Membership Program

Once you registered an account in Hot Topicks, you can become our member and enjoy the following benefits:

1. Hot Dollar accumulation - 5% of your spending will be rebated as Hot Dollars for you to spend on next purchase. 1 Hot Dollar = HK$1. 

2. Get a 10% discount coupon for next purchase upon your spending of HK$600 or above (every discount coupon is valid for 3 months)

3. Membership upgrade: when your Hot Dollars are accumulated to 250 or above in a year (no matter you have redeemed products or not), you will be upgraded to Topicks Star member next year to enjoy "Hot Dollar x 1.5 times per every purchase.*

4. All Hot Dollar value is in HKD. In order to spend your Hot Dollar, pls settle the payment by "HKD".

*Topicks Star member has to maintain 250 of Hot Dollars in the year to keep the upgraded membership valid next year.